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Ewwwww But Awwwww!!! Man Finds And Frees A Kangaroo Rat Stuck In His Telephone Jack Outlet

They’re not known for being the world’s most loveable creatures.

But that didn’t stop one kindhearted San Diego animal-lover from saving a rat that got its head stuck in a wall.

Footage shows the rodent looking very sorry for itself as it pokes it head out of the socket.

The owner of the house can be seen using a screwdriver to gently lift the socket off the wall.

The rat squeaks nervously, but the man says: ‘It’s your own fault isn’t it?’, gently chiding him.

He finally pulls him off the wall, revealing the rat’s rather rotund frame.

stuck rat

photo credit: Jukin Media

What would you do if you went to plug in your phone charger and saw a furry rat smiling up at you from the phone outlet?

A San Diego man was faced with that same question after a kangaroo rat got stuck in his wall. He decided to unscrew the plate and free the rat.

We’re not sure what he did with it, but hopefully the poor little guy made it outside or back into the wild.

Clearly becoming agitated, the rat scampered his feet to try to free himself but to no avail.

It is unclear whether the rat ended up being freed back into the wild.

Source: Daily Mail

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