Everybody Loves Cartoons Even Madea…Are You Ready??

madea cartoon

Awww Shucks!!! 2015 is going to start off with a bang!! Tyler Perry has taken Madea to a whole different realm.  That’s right MA to the DEA has crossed over into the world of “cartoonism”.   Are You Ready For Some Tough Love?? Madea’s Tough Love is the new project scheduled to be released on DVD and Digital HD in January 2015.

EarHustle411 wonders what took so long…LOL!! Madea has been in almost every situation one can imagine so it’s about time she was made to be a cartoon.  It was only inevitable!!  According to Tyler Perry’s Facebook page he states:

I have been working on this for more than two years. Finally something for your kids. It’s not out till January 13th but get ready. Your little ones will love this!”

Check out the official trailer and an exclusive clip of the project:



From what EarHustle411 can see from the clip it looks like it’s going to be hilarious.  Most definitely one to add to the DVD collection.

Source: YouTube

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