Erykah Badu Says Girl’s In High School Should Wear Knee-Length Skirts So Male Teachers Won’t Get Distracted

Erykah Badu Says Girl's In High School Should Wear Knee-Length Skirt

Erykah Badu sent the Twittersphere into a frenzy last night (Apr. 11) when she placed her personal thoughts about the appropriate length for skirts on high school- aged girls. If you’re wondering, Fat Belly Bella feels that girls need to wear knee-length skirts while walking their school’s hallways, because at this hormonal stage in their lives, teenage boys are only looking for one thing, and our girls need to be protected.

“…I am aware that we live in a sex-driven society. It is everyone’s, male and female’s, responsibility to protect young ladies,” she wrote in her bevy of tweets. “…it is not them who is doing anything wrong by being beautiful and attractive but with such imbalance in our society it is smart to be aware and awake. Men and women both go thru cycles of arousal. Men automatically are attracted to women of child bearing age…” She also said that in the spirit of being “fair,” if she was a school principal, she would require her female students to wear knee length skirts.

She became a trending topic almost instantly, with many users tweeting their disappointment in her beliefs, stating that it is not a woman’s fault for how she is developing, so she shouldn’t be penalized or scrutinized for how they choose to dress. One person tweeted, “…My attire is for my own benefit; it does not affect my learning until you start policing me,” while another responded, “why should WE have to change the way we dress. Men need to change their mentality.” Check out Badu’s tweets below.


Source: Vibe

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