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Enterprise Rental Employee Helps Mom With Her Twins He Held One Child While She Gets Paperwork To Rent A Car

Everyday we hear about the negative things going and the positives are always overshadowed by the horrible things taking place in this world.  Well EarHustle411 believes in sharing good news especially when people go out of their way to do something nice just because for people they don’t know.  Life is hard enough without people not having compassion for one another in a time of need.

A woman with twins walked into an Enterprise Rental to rent a vehicle due to a hit and run accident.  The woman had a set of twins with her one in a stroller and the other in her arms.  She obviously was struggling and the Enterprise employee named John did the most unselfish act.  She needed to get her paperwork to she could complete her rental agreement.  The young man who also happens to be a twin, a twin sister to be exact that is also his best friend.  He took a hold of the of one of the woman’s twin babies and held him while the woman completed her transaction.  She was so moved she grabbed her camera and took a photo of John holding the baby while still doing his job.


photo credit: Facebook

The woman mentioned that she didn’t have a double stroller because she could not afford one and when the powers that be heard about the interaction she had with John they not only gifted the woman with a double stroller but they made a large donation to the North Mabee Boys and Girls Club which happens to be an organization that John chose to receive the gift.  Enterprise also gifted John with a gift card as a ways of saying THANK YOU for his hardwork, dedication.

EarHustle411 wants to give John from Enterprise KUDOS for a job well done.  It’s the small things that people appreciate and the woman will never forget what this young man did for her.


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