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Economic Prosperity: Is It Attainable or Too Far From Present Sight?

dr boyce watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins & Zachary Rinkins

Going to school and getting the education necessary to be competitive on the job market tends to be on the mind of most people these days but as it relates to our children, we push education but why are we not pushing for our children to “create” the job they would want to have in their future.  Economic prosperity is attainable but to get it one would have to be willing to make changes in their behavior.

EarHustle411 came across a video that discusses just that.  The guest in the video made an interesting statement.  He said ” most of the time we (meaning Blacks) are over spending because we are trying to “buy” our humanity”.  Why do we think the statement is interesting, because it hits home.  Why is it that financial priorities are often not in order for Blacks.  There’s truth to saying “you cannot implement, what you do not know” or you must know better in order to do better”.

EarHustle411 as a team strives to bring to our followers information to make them aspire to be inspired.  Take a look at the video of Dr. Boyce Watkins and is guest Zach Rinkins as they discuss Economic Prosperity:


Source: YouTube

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