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EarHustle411’s “On The Redd Carpet” Fashion Sugah & Fashion Spice: It’s A Red Carpet Night!

‘Fashion Sugah & Fashion Spice’: It’s A Red Carpet Night!

sugar n spice


‘Let’s Talk Fashion’


While covering the Red Carpet event at the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago for the unveiling of A new Web Series Sugah & Spice by Cassandra Bell, we spotted Fashion at its best.

As these ladies graced the Red Carpet to introduce the world to their screen characters……..they did so in style.

sugar n spice

Fashion is all about being beautiful right? And if beauty is what we use to measure fashion, then…these ladies are no exception; they brought true meaning to the phases of beautiful bodies in fabulous Dresses…….‘Yes’
If being stunning was just about being trendy, then the walk on the red carpet would be…‘Easy’, and there would be no need for Fashion Icons.

But that’s not what makes up the world of Fashion. It’s a mixture of beauty, fabulous Fashion Designers, Style, Trends, and Presentation. Without this combination there would be nothing more to discuss.


Because trends fade and not all trends are for everyone …… and beautifully made garments become timeless classic pieces that most everyone has in their wardrobe. This is what fashion is all about the visual beauty, so when the dress fits you as if it were made for you, like these dresses fit these ladies

That’s why its important to understand the skill set it takes to create fashion and fashionable pieces that become timeless classics.

So finding the right ‘stylemix‘ is very important; knowing how to put it all together is the true meaning of style.
No matter how fabulous a gown might be…if you make the wrong accessory choices or choose the wrong silhouette for your body type; this will indeed change your fashion forecast from stunning…to stay home.

These fashion forward Divas had the right mix of Beauty, Fashion, Style, Trend, and Presentation.


This was my pick for ‘Best Dressed’ of the night….Now if you going to do Black with Lace this is definitely how you do it. This was sexy, exciting, fun and on trend.

This beauty did an animal print with sheer class. She Rocked it! She definitely came in a close second for best dressed on the Red Carpet……..SHE WAS DOING IT!!


Now when you can Rock the cut-out, you must do it like this. ‘Smashing’…can we say fabulous body in a fabulous dress?…sweet!!!



 See you next time on the Red Carpet!!


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