EarHustle411 Wishes The Amazing Angela Lansbury Happy 90th Birthday

The entertainment industry as wicked as it may be sometimes, but there are people who are in the industry that have left awesome impressions and a fantastic resumé.  Angela Brigid Lansbury is one of those people.  She has graced the Broadway stage, the silver screen and the small screen.  Born in Central London, Madame Lansbury has been acting since 1944, she can be seen in films like The Long Hot Summer, The Manchurian Candidate and Nanny McPhee but she is best known for her role as Jessica Fletcher.  Angela Lansbury is also known for lending her voice to some great characters such as Mrs. Potts of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast and Empress Marie of the Academy Award nominated film Anastasia.  The famed actress has won 5 Tony Awards and is scheduled to receive in November 2015 the Oscar Hammerstein Award for Lifetime Achievement in Musical Theater.

In all of Angela Lansbury’s accomplishments and her impressive career, the EarHustle411 family wishes her a very Happy 90th Birthday.

angela lansbury

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