EarHustle411 UPDATE: White News Anchor Fired For Using N****r Sues Employer; Case Finally Goes To Trial

Remember back in June 2007, a white news anchor was terminated for using the word n***r.  Tom Burlington for anchor for Fox29 in Philadelphia contends that he was not using the “N” word in a racial context but merely asking if as a news professional, will he be able to finally use the word in reports.  He also states that none of the black employees were ever reprimanded for their use of the word.

tom burlington

Tom Burlington

What really started this whole mess was back in 2007 the station had been looking over a story where a Youth Council in Philadelphia were holding a very symbolic burial of the use of the word n****r.  Apparently Tom Burlington was assigned to report the story.  Tom’s exact question he asked in a staff meeting was “Does this mean we can finally say the word n****r”?  Well, Tom apparently not.

Because of his being fired, from the station Mr. Burlington filed a lawsuit against his employer for racial discrimination.  He states during a conversation with a former co-worker, who tried to explain to him why he couldn’t use the word n****r.  Tom quoted their conversation in his lawsuit stating former co-worker Joyce Evans said

“Because you’re white, you can never understand what it’s like to be called a n****r, and … you cannot use the word n****r,” his filing says. Evans denies using the word in their discussion.

tom and joyce

Tom Burlington & Joyce Evans

He also states that because of his termination he has lost a significant drop in his income to the tune of about $3 million dollars in wages and an unspecified amount in damages. Mr. Burlington is currently employed as a real estate agent and his trial against Fox 29 began Monday, June 8, 2015.

EarHustle411 will keep you updated as more details emerge about the trial.

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