A New York City dad has become something of an online hero after an image of him taking his son to see the newly-released Minions movie while in full costume was posted on Reddit.

Shared by user Boba_F37T, the image captures the doting dad sitting on the subway alongside his son, with the pair dressed in matching Minions ensembles; both are wearing denim overalls and yellow T-shirts, while the father is also modeling the same style of big plastic goggles worn by the now-infamous cartoon creatures.

‘Father of the year award goes to this gentleman who was taking a very excited boy to the movies,’ the Redditor captioned his image, which has been commented on more than 1,270 times.

Dedicated dad: This man has become the subject of much praise on social media and on Reddit, after he was photographed taking his son to the movies, while dressed in a full Minions costume

‘People can hate on minions all they want but this guys a good dad. Looking like a fool on the subway and in public to make your son happy is awesome [sic],’ one person commented on the Reddit image.

‘The fact that he went out-of-the-way to match shows he’s just as excited as his son to see the movie,’ another person wrote.

‘One day they’re both gonna look back on this moment and giggle at how daddy was a minion on the subway, at how everyone smiled at them on the way to the movies, and how many people stopped to tell his son how cute he looked in goggles [sic].’

But while many of the commentors joined the original Reddit user in praising the dad – and his son – some were more skeptical about his motives.

‘As a dad myself 99 per cent of the time we take our sons and daughters to kids movies because in secret we really really really really want to see them,’ one man posted.

Another added: ‘Yep, that’s why my friends LOVE that I can “borrow” my nephews. Great excuse to see kid’s movies.’

Other parents saw it as an opportunity to share their own embarrassing parenting stories, with one man speaking out to offer his support to the anonymous Minion-clad dad.

‘As a father of three children, I can honestly say that the kids over the years will embarrass you in so many other horrific ways that you are completely numb to dressing up as cartoon characters in public,’ he wrote.

While this anonymous father has struck a chord with the online community, he certainly isn’t the first person to don a costume in honor of the newly-released animated hit.

Movie theaters across the country have been overrun with eager fans of the animated franchise, many of whom attended screenings while fully clad in over-the-top costumes.

Minions overran the box office during this past weekend as audiences in the US and Canada shelled out an estimated $115.2 million to see the evil-master-serving horde frolic on the big screen.

It was an easy win for the sidekicks who took the spotlight after playing supporting roles in two previous Despicable Me movies.

The bright, babbling baldies have become key characters in the franchise from Universal’s Illumination Entertainment.

Directed by Peter Coffin, who co-directed the Despicable Me 1 and 2 and voices the Minions, the movie easily beat Jurassic World, another Universal picture that grossed $18.1 million in its fifth weekend after release, according to box office tracker Rentrak.

Disney’s Inside Out came in third with $17.1 million in its fourth weekend.

The film stars Sandra Bullock, John Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, Geoffrey Rush,  Jennifer Saunders, and Steve Carrell.

Source: Daily Mail