EarHustle411 Too Cute: Father & Daughter Engage In A Beatbox Battle [Video]

beatbxing team

Screen Shot From YouTube Video

EarHustle411 loves to report about stories when parents are engaging in positive activities with their children.  We came across this video on YouTube and OMGEE this is the best father-daughter video we have seen in a while.  We are unaware of the father’s name but the daughter’s name is Nicole Paris according to her YouTube channel.  So for the purposes of this post we will refer to them as the Mentor and Mentee.

Apparently the two have a passion for music and in this battle which happens to be part 2 was supposed to be some kind of  “redemption” for the father.  Well  unfortunately we have to say he lost again.

Check out both battles between the Mentor and Mentee:

Battle 2:

Hands down the Mentee killed it but the Mentor was fantastic.  It surely does warm the soul to see parents and their children doing some positive things together.  Quality time with any child is always a good move.

A father’s love for his daughter really sets the stage for how she should be treated by men as she gets to be on her own.  This father and daughter are a great example to squash the stereotypes that black men are not in their children’s life.  Some may say that this is not a clear proof but we say IT’S A START!!

EarHustle411 applauds both the Mentor and the Mentee for sharing their love for the lost Art of Beatboxing.  Thank you for taking us back to a time when the culture and aspects of Hip Hop was fun.

Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie move over there’s a new Beatboxing (Sheriff) Team in town…LOL!!

RIP to Darren Robinson aka “Buff Love” aka The Human Beat Box

Buff Love

Buff Love aka The Human Beat Box

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