EarHustle411 TearJerker: Sometimes It’s The Little Things!! [Video]

All across the world people are in celebration of educational accomplishments.  To graduate from a higher educational institution is an awesome feeling and many families are having history being made because the student may be the first to get a degree in their family or an older relative decided to go back to school and finish what they stated like R&B Artist Regina Belle did.

Military families often miss celebratory opportunities because they are somewhere far away fulfilling their obligation.  In this EarHustle411 TearJerker, one mother got the surprise of her life when her daughter made a surprise visit at her college graduation.


Check it out:


EarHustle411 celebrates with all of the 2015 Graduates, we wish them all the best that life has to offer.

Keep remembering to always appreciate the little things!!

Source: USA Today

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