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EarHustle411 Talks Life, Faith, New Music And Empire With Chicago’s Own BIG IL

EarHustle411 had the privilege of having an intimate conversation with a young man who has been doing his thing for many years and he has had the amazing opportunity to showcase his skills on the popular television show Empire.

EarHustle411 Media Correspondent SunShyne caught up with Alex “BIG IL” Thompson and had the pleasure of speaking with BIG IL while doing his thing in the studio and getting the goods on his newest musical project entitled “FEARLESS”!!

Photo Credit: BIG IL

BIG IL hails from straight outta Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and he has risen above his background and made a name for himself in the name of hip hop.  His latest project released on December 4, 2017 is a bona fide banger.  BIG IL gave EarHuste411 the inside scoop on the 12 track compilation and how his being in the right place at the right time helped him land a part on the hit show Empire.

EarHustle411:   Good Evening BIG IL, thank you for taking a moment to speak with us.  Let’s get this party started! Tell us about the new project “FEARLESS”?

BIG IL:  Well it just dropped December 4th and it’s 12 tracks of good music for the world to get acquainted with me.

EH411: How long have you been rapping?

BI: I’ve been doing my thing about 12 years.

EH411: How would you describe your style of music?

BI:  Man, I’m smooth with my music, as long as it sounds great I can do really any type of sound.   I can’t be “boxed” in but I love trap music, street music.

EH411:  Let’s discuss your filming experience, How did you get offered the role on Empire and how did it help your career as an artist?

BI: Well, I auditioned for Lee Daniels and he liked me so much he hired me on the spot.  I had to spit 16 bars on a chorus.  He loved and 10 minutes later he called gave me the role.  The position definitely helped my music career and it gave me more confidence to just keep going.

EH411: We understand you have a partnership with a clothing company Golden Aesthetics give a few details about that venture.

BI: Yes, it’s a high-end clothing company based in Los Angeles and they used my music as the backdrop to their commercials. It’s a great collaboration for me and we do plan to continue to work together in the future.

EH411: Nice! which song did they use for the advertisements and is it on the newly released project “FEARLESS”?

BI: Yes, the track “Soul Of A G” they heard the record and felt it was organic, they loved it and asked if we could work something out.  The rest is history!

EH411: That’s awesome!! Are we expecting any music videos to accompany the new project?

BI: Most definitely!! We’re going to shoot several videos and there is one available for view now called “Hypertension” it’s available on my website BIGILMUSIC, check it out when you can.  The next video we are in the process of preparing to shoot and it will be in the Chicago area.  I’m not sure of the release date at the moment.

EH411: That’s really dope!! Let’s talk about your Kingdom and Freedom Chevy jingles, how did you like doing jingles and will you be open to doing more?

BI: Aww man, I love jingles!! I’m currently working on some now for a new dealership located in Chicago in the south loop area.  Jingles are part of the job and you can get some nice checks.

EH411:  Where did you attend school in Chicago?

BI: I went to Gage Park High School, I grew up in the Marquette Park now referred to as the West Englewood area.

EH411: What words of encouragement would you say to someone who wants to get into the rap game?

BI: I’d just tell them to stay true to yourself and believe in yourself first. That’s where it all starts.  Don’t be misled by associations.

EH411:  Words to definitely live by!! If you has an opportunity to have a conversation with your former self, what would that conversation be like?

BI: Man you’re a great guy big fella…keep up the good work!!

EH411:  LOL!! well alright!!  Last question…If you could make a phone call to God what would you have a conversation with Him about?

BI:  WOW!! I have been asking God for the same thing forever.  For me to out live my parents and for my mother to have to never bury another child.  As long as I am walking and breathing, I will work for mine and I don’t my mom to ever have to endure that pain.  I have that conversation with God all the time to continue to watch over me and bless her so she will never have to feel that pain again.

EH411:  Thank you BIG IL for being so transparent and hopefully in the future we will have the opportunity to have a sit down face to face chat. The EarHustle411 staff is proud of you and your accomplishments.  We wish you nothing but the best with your career and the new project.  We look forward to new things coming from the mind of BIG IL.

BI: Thank you so much.

BIG IL is on a plane to stardom and he is most definitely headed to a plateau so deserving of an artist who has been diligent and humble on his journey.

Check out BIG IL’s website www.BIGILMUSIC.com and follow him on social media.


Instagram  BIG_IL_EPK   Twitter     Soundcloud


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