EarHustle411 Talent Spotlight: Introducing Alex Sparks: When Sparks Fly

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are avid music lovers and we are often coming across great music in our various travels.  In this episode of the EarHustle411 Talent Spotlight, we bring to you Alex Sparks.

alex sparks

Alex Sparks is an American urban song writer and the voice of the next generation of genre bending, thought-provoking, lyricists making his own lane. A blend of Trap Music, EDM, and traditional Hip-Hop, Sparks brings a unique and unrelenting delivery over hard-hitting and high energy tracks making it impossible to not want to hear more. Drawing a wide range of comparisons from artist like Logic, Mac Miller, to G-Eazy, Sparks is unpredictable and unfaltering as an entertainer.

Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sparks was born into a melting pot of sounds and influences that have contributed to a style made all his own. Growing up listening to everyone from Black Eyed Peas to 50 Cent, Sparks began to develop a true love for Hip-Hop as a fan. However his true passion for creating music began to surface at a familiar turning point for many of us, a break up after 5 years with his first love and high school sweetheart. Feeling in need of a new beginning and desperate for a distraction, Sparks turned to music as a way of getting out of his own head. What started as just writing lyrics and recording freestyles quickly developed into carefully crafted verses with infectious hooks over thumping beats. Pouring raw emotion and creativity into each line on the page, there was no turning back. “Music is my drug” says Sparks, “a way to escape my cruel reality”.   ~ Alex Sparks (Bio)

From what we can hear at EarHustle411, Alex Sparks is definitely on the right path to success.  His major motive for his way of bringing music to the masses while not uncommon but he is surely using it to his advantage to getting things going.

Check out one of Alex Sparks’ musical pieces and leave your feedback on what you think about his music.


EarHustle411 and the writing staff gives Alex Sparks a “Thumbs Up” and is here by “EarHustle411 Approved”, we wish him all the best on his musical journey. 

Ear Hustle 411 Approved Thumbs Up

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