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EarHustle411 Talent Spotlight: Chicago’s Own Amiah Mariee Has Got This Singing Thing On Lock!!

Despite what the media says about the City of Chicago, there’s some very talented young people in this great city.  In EarHustle411’s Talent Spotlight we introduce to you a young lady who has been paving her own way in the music biz.   Amiah Mariee from Chicago‘s southside got bit by the music bug when she sang Alicia Keys’ ~ ‘Fallin’ at the tender age of 5 and what would come after that day would be a long road ahead but one that only God’s mercy and infinite wisdom would allow Amiah Mariee to do what she was destined to do.

Amiah Mariee

Photo Credit: Amiah Mariee

Amiah Mariee draws inspiration for her love of music from her mother and grandparents and from a few of the music industry’s most influential artists like the late Aaliyah and the soulful Lauryn Hill just to name a few.  While some of today’s young people are faced with the hardest of adversities, Amiah Mariee is determined to leave her mark on this world and show her peers that with hard work, determination, dedication and faith will make even the smallest dreams come to life.

“Dreams are not a lottery pick. You don’t have to be titled “lucky’ to get far in life. You go out and get what you want. You put in the work and stay constituent about your needs. Your life may not change over night but you never know who’s watching you or who you might inspire”.  ~ Amiah Mariee


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Amiah Mariee has been very busy in and around town whether she is performing at Adrianna’s or The Link Bar to doing photoshoots for Calvin Klein and making appearances on various radio shows and gracing the cover of Conceited Magazine.  EarHustle411 and the writing staff can say for sure Amiah Mariee has got this singing thing ON LOCK!!

Listen to Amiah Mariee‘s latest track ‘Crazy’

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EarHustle411 and the writing staff wishes Amiah Mariee much success on her musical journey.  We look forward to see her continue to blaze the musical trail with everything she has. 

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