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EarHustle411 SMH Alert: DayCare Worker Caught On Camera Kicking Sleeping Child In The Head

When parents put their children into daycare, they have a reasonable expectation that the person “caring” for their child is professional and equipped to do the job they are paid handsomely for (have you seen the cost of daycare…ok that’s another post!!) The video you will see below as disturbing as it is probably happens more often than we know.

It is so unfortunate that parents who leave their children in the care of people like this woman caught on video kicking a napping child in the head.  It is very disturbing and EarHustle411 hope the authorities get wind of this footage and throws the book at her.  People like this should NOT be able to care for anyone, not a child or an adult.

Check out the video:

Utterly disgraceful and heartbreaking, our children have more than enough to deal with but to be placed with a person who treats kids this way is a downright shame. They deserve the “SMH” Alert and an “AWWW Heck No!!” for good measure!!

Source: V103 WVAZ-FM

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