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EarHustle411 SMH Alert: Black Garbage Man Jailed For Picking Up Trash Too Early

A Sandy Springs sanitation worker said he was taken to jail for picking up trash too early in the morning, a violation of the Georgia city’s ordinance.

Kevin McGill will spend the next 14 weekends in jail because he picked up trash minutes after 5 a.m. one morning—an offense worthy of automatic jail time, according to the city solicitor.

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Chief prosecutor Bill Riley said picking up waste too early in the morning has been a recurring problem no matter what approach is taken to limit the issue. He asked the judge to sentence McGill to 30 days in jail.

Riley told WSB-TV he’s exhausted all other options.

“Fines don’t seem to work,” Riley said. “The only thing that seems to stop the activity is actually going to jail.”

Riley says 911 lights up when trash haulers come before 7 a.m.

McGill, who didn’t have an attorney with him when he was sentenced, is serving his time on the weekend. His new attorney wonders why he’s being punished.

“Give him a warning,” attorney Kimberly Bandoh said. “I mean he’s the employee. He’s not the employer. Sentencing him to jail is doing what?”

McGill opted to serve his time on the weekends, spreading the sentence out over more than three months. McGill said he just wants to get back with his wife, two sons and four dogs.

Source: Atlanta SunTimes

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