Earhustle411 Sends Birthday Wishes To The God Father of Gangster Rap Ice-T

If you are born on February 16th you share your birthday with some fine people including the God Father of Gangster Rap none other than Ice-T.

Born Tracy Lauren Morrow in Newark, NJ on this day February 16, 1958 he moved from Jersey to Crenshaw as a child.  As life would have it his mother passed away and his aunt who lived in South Central LA’s Crenshaw District became his guardian and this is where the story of Ice-T truly begins.


After a small stint in the Army, Tracy Morrow had enough of being compelled to follow stating “I didn’t like total submission to a leader other than myself ” he processed out of the military and returned back to back to South Central and with the goal of becoming a hip hop musician his life took a different route by way of the West Side Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips.  Getting caught up in the ways of the street Tracy Morrow dabbled in thievery and pimpin’.  Adopting the name Ice-T as homage to book novel “pimp” extraordinaire Iceberg Slim.


Ice-T has always had a love for the hip hop culture and the influence it has on the people. After a crash in 1985 Ice-T devoted all of his energy to his music.  Throughout his career he has been on top and when you’re on top controversy always seem to meet you there and Ice-T is no different.  His track “Cop Killer” with the band Body Count gained him attention unprecedented for an artist at the time causing issues with his label.  In 2012 he was met with controversy again on his stance about gun ownership.




Controversial reporter Rush Limbaugh fired shots at Ice-T for his defense on gun ownership after the Aurora, Colorado shootings.  Ice-T did not take this lightly and fred back at Limbaugh saying he will give up his guns when everyone else does and the purpose of having guns in America is to protect themselves from the police.  Only Rush Limbaugh could get someone so fired up with potshots that Ice-T said  “I love how people are soooo SHOCKED to hear something thought-provoking said by a rapper.. Hip Hop has changed to POP .. Nobody says shit. My comment on guns got a lot of press.. They call me ‘Gangster’ don’t forget ‘US Army Vet.’ A little gun history.”

Ice-T has paved the way for other hip hop artist to go for theirs and no worry about the backlash.  It is ironic that he plays a cop on television even though he has a boisterous reservation about the police nonetheless Ice-T is an icon among his generation and with several recorded albums and collaborations to his credit, he is sure to leave a lasting impression for many years to come. Regardless of the press Ice-T gets he had met it with “gansta” grace and challenges each and every one of us to do the same.  Enjoying the fruits of his perils and success, happily married and loving the life he lives, Ice-T it is the pleasure of Earhustle411 to with you all the best and many more birthdays to celebrate!!





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