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EarHustle411 Rewind: 10-Year Old Boy Gets “Sold” In School For American History Lesson

In this episode of EarHustle411 Rewind, the year is 2011 (not that long ago) a young 10-year old boy was degraded in his classroom at the behest of his teacher.  The subject was Social Studies, and the teacher decided the lesson was going to be about slavery.  So the teacher chose to separate the classroom, owners on one side and slaves on the other and then the project began.

The teacher had the students who were “owners” to start bidding on the slaves and then instructed them  to “feel” the slaves to determine their worthiness of purchase.  The 10-year old felt humiliated and degraded with this despicable display of “teaching”.

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In another report from WFSA News 12  just a short 2 years ago, in a Montgomery, Alabama school kindergarten class, a group of 5-year old children “acted out” a slave auction as part of a history lesson.  While learning about the past should be taught, how it should be taught is the real question.  Some may say that people are being too sensitive about the situation.  Truth of the matter is put yourself in the shoes of the oppressed and see why people are sensitive and furious all at the same time.

Is this type of “visual” teaching necessary when discussing parts of history that are important but are difficult to convey?  EarHustle411 and the writing staff would have to say it’s best to err on the side of caution simply because everyone learns differently however to separate the class just to make a point about a lesson, in our opinion is not good teaching.  If just one student is made to feel uncomfortable with how a lesson is being portrayed, then it should have been the responsibility of the teacher to find another way to teach the lesson.  Tell us what you think.

EarHustle411 family what would you a have done if this happened at your child’s school?

Take a look at the new report:


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