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Where Were You When?: Earhustle411 Remembers The September 11, 2001 Attacks

On September 11, 2001, I would have been preparing myself for school as I had just enrolled into Columbia College in downtown Chicago. When I was awaken by the sound of the telephone and it was my significant other on the other end. All I could understand was “wake up turn on the TV, hurry up….we are being attacked!!”  Of course I turned on the television just in time to see the 2nd plane go into the 2nd Twin Tower.  I seriously thought I was looking at a movie, it was so bizarre and unfathomable because I did not know what I was really looking at.  Once I got my self together and the shock kind of dissipated, it because a true reality that America was under attack.


WTC 2001

Needless to say that day a day that I had been very frightened about everything around me.  Not just 2 weeks before I had been awaken by another devastating call and this one was regarding the singer Aaliyah and her having died in a plane crash.  That 2 week period had me truly in a different time and space.  Such devastation and death, one could not help but wonder what else could have happened.

As the details of what occurred on 9-11-01, I spent several hours on the phone that very day because my significant other and I were both prior military and we did not know what would happen with our status or if the situation were to have a cause for us to be reinstated back to active duty.  So one can imagine the thoughts running through our heads.   Thankfully we did not have to worry about being reactivated but our minds and hearts were with everyone we knew that was still engaged into military activity.


That very next year after 9-11 was just a hard as the very day it happened because the world was on pins and needles.  People were so touchy about things, race relations amongst people were tension-filled and the Muslim community had been alienated and they still are to a certain degree

Having been trained in radio communications, I can remember that there were specific songs that could not be played on the radio because of the lyrical content and they disparaged the situation of 9-11.  A couple I remember were “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” by The Gap Band and “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G because there was a line in it that referenced blowing up the World Trade:

Now I’m in the limelight ’cause I rhyme tight
Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade

Of course the program directors all across the country were pulling insensitive songs out of rotation and it was out of respect for the families, the country and just to simply be cognizant of everything.  But as the years went by the forces of radio began to shift back to what a normal routine would be.  Certain songs found their way back into rotation,  Television has started to get back to normal and the reports of 9-11 begin to taper off.

It seemed like life was getting back to normal if there was ever such a thing.

So what Earhustle411 would like to know from our readers is this: Where were you on September 11, 2001, when the nation was under attack?  How did you feel then and what do you feel now 13 years later? Do you think America has healed from the tragic event?

Earhustle411 most certainly remembers and we still pray for all of those who lost their lives in one of the most orchestrated terrorist attacks known to man. Since 9-11 there has been sever songs written to provide encouragement and sympathy.  it’s almost too many to even name but there was one that attracted by attention by country singer Alan Jackson “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning”

One thing we have to keep in mind about tragedies that occur is peace, love, compassion and hope fits is any situation.  There’s no room for evil, hate, disrespect and lack of faith as they are counterproductive to progress. 

Peace and Blessings to our Earhustle411 followers & thank you in advance for sharing your stories.

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