EarHustle411 Remembers The Late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington

On November 25, 1987, the City of Chicago lost one of the best mayors to ever grace the position, Mayor Harold Lee Washington.   Although several mayors held the office before Washington became the 51st mayor of the great City of Chicago, the historic elected appointment made the citizens of Chicago have just a small glimmer of hope and of course with him being the first African-American to hold he office of mayor, the odds were stacked up against him.

harold washington

Washington being born and raised in Chicago and having a goal of becoming mayor after a very successful career as a lawyer, a member of the Illinois House of Representatives and the Senate to be mayor of his hometown was surely a destiny he was determined to achieve.

Ironically the people of Chicago truly believed that the Late Mayor Washington was the mayor that would take their concerns about the city and address them to the best of his ability.  Upon hearing of the Mayor Washington’s death, news spread like wild-fire and an air of extreme sadness loomed over Chicago.

harold washington

Mayor Harold Washington’s tenure as the leader of Chicago came to an abrupt end when he suddenly slumped over at his desk.  After attempts to revive him he was pronounced dead at 1:36pm at the prestigious Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Despite the rumors circulating about his death, Mayor Washington died of a massive heart attack and not from being poisoned.

Mayor Washington’s homegoing services were held at the esteemed Christ Universal Temple on Chicago’s south side (to date he was the ONLY city official and dignitary to be funeralized at the church).  Mayor Washington’s personable demeanor is most certainly missed here in Chicago and there will NEVER be another leader like him.  Many have tried but just have not been able to live up to the reputation of Mayor Washington.


Chicago has seen its fair share of adversity and regardless of how others feel about this great city, there are some things about it to be very proud of, one being the historic election of a gentle giant named Harold Lee Washington.

harold washington

EarHustle411 remembers “The People’s Mayor”, The Honorable Late Mayor Harold Lee Washington.  May his soul continue to rest!!


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