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Earhustle411 Partied The Night Away At The Hot Mixx Dance Party – Part 2

Anytime Earhustle411 is invited out to cover an event, we are so excited and blessed to have the opportunity.  Well we were so geeked and happy when Scott “Smokin” Sils sat in the hot seat at the 2014 Global Mixx (shoutout to Mary Datcher for that opportunity) but who knew we would have formed a great relationship with him.

Seeing that he liked how we were professional and prepared he invited us out to cover the Hot Mix Dance Party Part 2.  This event took place on August 30, 2014 at the glorious Field Museum and I must say Scott laid out the red carpet for us.  hot mis dance party flyer

I knew the first one was a huge success because all of my “househead” friends who attended kept talking about it, so we knew to expect the same or even better.  When I say “even better” that would be an understatement.  Just being in the room with everyone was the best feeling for Earhustle411.  To top off the cake,  We interviewed the several guests, as if we didn’t know that House music is a phenomenon and not just a genre.  They all were so excited and grooving in the ambiance of the music, that brings all types together for one reason and one reason only –  TO GET THEIR “HOUSE” ON!!

During the course of the night Earhustle411’s Media Correspondent Jameisha Trice caught up with Scott “Smokin” Sils, Maurice “Ice” Culpepper, Andre Hatchett, Steve “Miggedy” Maestro, Terry Hunter all who set the 1s and 2s on FIRE the entire night.  Our night was already FANTASTIC but it was even more PHENOMENAL because Legendary DJ Paul Johnson graced our camera with his presence.  Hmmm…talk about being blessed, to know Paul’s story and how he is still going strong; any able-bodied person has no reason to complain.

Check out Media Correspondent Jameisha Trice as she gathers the intel from the DJs and guests:

The people are still buzzing about the party and a little birdie told us that there may be a Part 3.  I hear it’s supposed to be in November…SHHH!!! Keep that under your hats!!!  Don’t tell anyone….Okay!!

Earhustle411 had a BLAST covering this event, take a look at our footage of the great time we had as well as the guest.  We thank you the bottom of our hearts for the AWESOME opportunity.

We can’t wait until the next one Scott (Hint, Hint!!)

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Scott ‘Smokin’ Sils   Maurice ‘Ice’ Culpepper    Steve “Miggedy” Maestro 

   Terry Hunter    Andre Hatchett






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