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EarHustle411 Movie Review: Furious 7 Brings The Bonafide Heat & Solidifies The Importance Of Family

EarHustle411 is seriously ON FIRE right now!! Our Media Correspondent SunShyne took some time out for a leisurely showing of the spring’s most anticipated film.  Last week we posted an intimate conversation with Tyrese Gibson; lo’ and behold he set the tone for the latest in the Fast and Furious Franchise, Furious 7.  This blockbuster product was met with the tragic loss of one of the main cast members Paul Walker.  To be quite frank we were not sure if the film would ever be completed. Honestly as it was revealed by Tyrese, it was the blessing of Paul’s parents to go ahead and complete the film and them with his brothers Cody & Caleb Walker stepping in to complete Paul’s remaining portion, a very symbolic move.  We couldn’t tell the difference between Paul and his brothers even if they slowed down the film.

furious 7

The movie opens up with scenes of catching up on the whereabouts of the crew and then as time would have it, a revengeful brother to FF 6’s Shaw character played by Jason Statham (Deckerd Shaw)  whose claim to fame is the action packed “Transporter” films.  He comes in with a serious chip on his shoulder leaving the damage as proof.  Statham avenging his brother’s massive beatdown from FF 6 and finds himself up against a team that will not allow anything to happen to their family.

The movie is so full of action, it would be suggested that moviegoers get all of their snacks and use the restroom just so not to miss one portion of the movie.  With some of the movie industry’s heavy weights in the film like Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson reprising his role as Hobbs, his by chance encounter with Deckerd Shaw (Statham) and their fight scene…WHOOO HOOO!! All we can say without giving away the film sequences is GO SEE IT!!


Furious 7 also has some appearances of FF Cast Members from previous films, like Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and others; however FF 7 added Kurt Russell, Dijmon Hounsou, Nathalie Emmanuel and Tony Jaa to the party for some additional flavor to savor.  Iggy Azalea’s split second part didn’t shake nor break the focus of the FF spirit.  Of course Tyrese Gibson as the voice of reason on the team as Roman Pierce never let the viewers down with his seriously funny wise cracks and Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, brings his tech game all the way up as he take charge with his reprised role as Tej.

We could go on forever telling you about FF 7, however your time and energy is best spent watching it for yourselves.



EarHustle411 gives Furious 7 five thumbs up plus an additional five for good measure.  Don’t hesitate to get your ticket it will be the best purchase one could make and it’s entertaining.  When FF  7 comes out on DVD it’s certainly a must have to add to the collection.  Go ahead host your own Fast & Furious Family Gathering…we dare ya!!   See you at the finish line!!

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