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EarHustle411 KUDOS: Gary, Indiana’s Katie Washington Is Notre Dame’s First Black Valedictorian

In the midst of the perils of this life that our young people are going through but we must celebrate the accomplishments they have.  So many of our youth are taking everything in stride as they go through ans as they make their way and walk the path of their destiny they are breaking down doors like never before.

A young lady who hails from Gary, Indiana made her way through the gift of education to the halls of the University of Notre Dame University as a Biological Science major has made history at the prestigious Ivy League institution.  Washington’s accolades and valedictorian status makes her the first black to achieve the honor.

Katie Washington

Photo Credit by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame


Ironically, the university made a statement regarding Washington’s achievement, saying that they have not kept “records’ of any kin regarding the top academic spot but according to reports the Julie Flory spokesperson for the university stated to the Northwest Indiana Times she does not recall Notre Dame ever having a black valedictorian.  Even in the absent-mindedness of the university, this is an incredible honor and definitely one for the history books especially considering Katie chose Notre Dame as a last minute choice to further her education.

Katie Washington

Photo Credit: Google

Ms. Washington does plan on to continue her education and is planning to pursue a higher degree with a joint M.D/Ph.D at John Hopkins University another prestigious institution. .

EarHustle411 and the writing staff sends congratulations to Katie Washington and much success on her continuance of her education.  We pray she goes on to do great things in the future.

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