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EarHustle411 Kudos: Brother And Sister Save Their Baby Brother From Being Abducted

Being a parent is a wonderful feeling but what comes with the territory is the hidden fear that something may happen to your children, whether they get sick or injured and even worse being taken by some abducting lowlife pedophile.

In the following video, a 22 month old toddler was in the process of being abducted when the toddlers siblings went into action chasing after the abducting creep.

Take a look:

Keeping our children safe is truly a full time job and God knows our children depend on their parents to put in the presence of people who will take the proper care of them in their absence. The adult who should have been caring for the children is also feeling the pressure of this situation. Imagine being the baby sitter who made a choice that caused your child to be harmed or abudcted. While her actions are not being condoned just know that their days of caring for children would be done.

EarHustle411 gives KUDOS to the siblings who sprung into action to make sure their brother was not going to meet the fate of the scumbag who tried to abduct him. Great Job!!!

Source: YouTube  ABC

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