EarHustle411 Funny Bone: Best Man Can’t Find The Wedding Rings & Gets A Surprise [video]


EarHustle411 wants to know what’s the funniest thing you have seen at a wedding?  We believe this one truly is the #1 that we have ever seen and you know how we LOVE to see creative weddings!!

This one is CLASSIC!!!

roller skater

Bridezillas who are looking for that elusive ‘something special’ for their nuptials should look no further – a man on rollerskates wearing incredibly tight ball-grippers will ensure your special day is seared into everyone’s minds forever.

The rollerskater shows off his skills at an American wedding – with the best man obligingly patting his pockets as if he can’t find the rings.

Then, the man on roller skates glides in, with a mesmerisingly serene pace, hands them over, then glides off again.

The audience of hipsters (note the high beard count) is awestruck.

A guest says: ‘A friend of mine had his wedding today. The best man is asked for the rings, the groom holds his hand out. Everyone checks pockets…and no one has the rings.

‘Then… this guy rolls in.’


The character, widely seen on the DQ4E YouTube channel, is becoming something of a minor internet celebrity after this:

And this:



EarHustle411 congratulates the happy couple!!

Source: Metro, Instagram

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