EarHustle411 Exclusive: Oak Brook, IL Based Company Is Determined To Change People’s Lives By Creating Entrepreneurs

In today’s society, the ill wills of poverty can knock on anyone’s door, unless your name is Rockefeller.  Most of the working class or supposed “middle class” are consumed with trying to financially stay above-board, while realistically speaking to be “poor” is no better than what a lot of families are facing.  Well there’s an organization based in Oak Brook, Illinois that is determined to change the lives of as many people that are ambitious, go getters and want to be in business for themselves while helping the community get out of financial debt.  EarHustle411 was elated to have the opportunity to be in the company of Matt Sapaula, President of the Money Smart Movement organization and Executive Vice President of the PHP Agency.

Matt a veteran and former United States Marine Corp Instructor whose discipline and dedication helped him develop a talent for teaching.   As an instructor Sapaula found himself helping his fellow Marines find the best of themselves as soldiers.  The same thing he does as the Money Smart Guy helping motivated individuals to not only become money smart but to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Check out our conversation with Matt Sapaula:

Matt along with his wife Sheena and other executives from the PHP Agency embarked on a RV Tour called the  #Vote1099 Tour, where they traveled across the East, West and Midwest coasts spreading the message of free enterprise and entrepreneurship and being money smart.


EarHustle411 attended the tour when it reached Oak Brook, IL where the guest speaker for the day was Jorge Pelayo who has a story of his own to tell and at age 18 made the difficult decision to leave his job as a restaurant employee and he “fired his boss” became an entrepreneur with the PHP Agency which led him to be able to retire his parents on his path to becoming financially independent.  We learned the many reasons why being an entrepreneur is the way to go to become financially free and some very interesting things about what the economy is looking like for the future.  Sometimes when an opportunity is staring you in the face, one may be afraid to take that leap and go for it, however making your own money without punching a corporate clock takes drive, determination and most importantly dedication.


Matt and the money Smart Movement team are determined to make entrepreneurs of those who are willing to put in the time, work and sacrifice to make things happen in their own lives.   The company will supply the training and as with anything new, it takes time but for those who we’ve witnessed having made the choice to change their lives and the lives of their families, Money Smart Movement led by Matt Sapaula is surely on the right path to changing the game in the financial industry one life at a time.

We thank Matt Sapaula for sharing his story with us and hopefully this will help people get on the right track and “be money smart”.

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1 Comment

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