EarHustle411 Exclusive: Domestic Violence Survivor Sandra Johnson Celebrates The Second Annual “Mask I Wear” Conference With Her Power Of Faith Foundation

With all of the many different things going on in the world we live in certain issues or causes are often time forgotten but nevertheless EarHustle411 knows that there are still people out there who are advocates to eradicate some of the ill wills that occur in society.  Take for example domestic violence, EarHustle411 had the pleasure of getting to know a woman who not only lived through a domestic violence situation but is using her experience to help save the lives of other women who have been through the same thing.

The Power of Faith Foundation spearheaded and founded by Sandra Johnson is an organization that has vowed to be a visible but active force to helping women in domestic violence situations.  She shared her story of going through a domestic violence relationship and why she started the Foundation that will be celebrating its 2nd Annual Conference called the “Mask I Wear”, scheduled for August 13, 2016 in Little Rock, Arkansas.   We’d like to introduce Ms. Sandra Johnson founder of the Power of Faith Foundation to the EarHustle411 family



EH411:  Hello Ms Johnson, welcome to EarHustle411, we thank you for taking time to be with us.

Sandra Johnson:  Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be in great company.

EH411: Well I concur, let’s get right to it shall we?  What is the Power of Faith Foundation?

SJ:  The Power of Faith Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was birth out of love to save lives. The Power of Faith is a foundation that reach out to communities to help raise awareness of domestic/sexual abuse. The Foundation aim for excellence through supporting individuals who experienced or currently experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault. The foundation is also the voice for those who lost their lives to domestic violence.

EH411: That is so awesome!! Tell us about the mission of your foundation.

SJ: The Power of Faith mission is to enhance the quality of life for domestic abuse and sexual abuse survivors and victims by raising awareness through workshops, mentoring sessions, volunteering, fundraisers to adopt families, and hosting events. Power of Faith provide support, advocacy and a safe non-judgmental, environment that will enable women to increase awareness by sharing their stories to heighten community awareness.

EH411: Awareness about this continued problem is very key to ending it.  What prompted you to start the Power of Faith Foundation?

SJ:  The organization been on my heart since my youngest sister was murdered due to domestic violence. Meanwhile, more women I knew was experiencing domestic violence and some lost their lives. According to statistics 1 out of 4 women experience abuse in the United States. As I researched, I realize it is a demand for women support groups dealing with domestic and sexual abuse, most of us are embarrassed to disclose abuse.


EH411: Those numbers are eye-opening.  Were you ever a victim of domestic abuse or in a violent relationship?

SJ:  Yes, I am a survivor of domestic violence and I was embarrassed as well to share my story however, I realize my story could possibly save others lives.

EH411:  WOW!! How has being involved in the Foundation changed your life?

SJ:  Being involved in the Foundation changed my life because I am able to help others and witness the burden lifted off them. I always knew my journey in life was linked to helping others and this foundation has enabled me to do so. I enjoy mentoring the women and help them develop a voice of reasoning and to provide them resources and services they need to get past their painful past.

EH411:  It’s a blessing to know in your heart that when you can change just 1 life everything is all worth it.  Where can people go to get involved with the foundation?

SJ:  People can go to www.poweroffaithfoundation website and click on Contact Us page to get involved with the Foundation.

EH411:  Cool!! Are there any major events the foundation had coming up?

SJ:  The Annual event titled the “Mask I Wear” is August 13, 2016 from 12pm-3pm at Embassy Suites, Little Rock Arkansas.  This will be the Foundation’s 2nd Annual Conference and we are expecting a great turn out this year.  Last year’s event was so powerful and life changing and we are sure to change more lives this year.

EH:411  FANTASTIC!! Are there any plans to expand the foundation to include men who are victims of domestic abuse/violence?

SJ:  Yes, there are plans to expand the foundation to include men who are victims of domestic abuse/violence. This year we open the event for men to attend because we realize men are affected as well, they have lost love ones due to domestic violence. We also realize men experience domestic violence and based on survey’s most men are embarrassed to share their experiences. By inviting men to attend our event we hope it open more doors for them to become part of “The Power of Faith Foundation” movement.

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EH411:  We agree!! Men sometimes get caught up in that “macho” mode that they don’t understand that it’s alright to be open with and honest when they are too going through a difficult situation like domestic violence.  What words of encouragement would you give to a woman in a domestic abuse relationship that has not gotten away from her abuser?

SJ:  I understand the “heart” get confused you are constantly told “I love you” by the person that destroys it. I have been heart-broken, low self-esteem, felt weak, anxiety, and shameful of disclosing my abuse. I was not sure how I would ever build up confidence and strength to transform into a positive effective person to society. However, the Power of Faith kept my hope alive.

The words of encouragement I give to women in a domestic abuse relationship is: letting go of the relationship is hard, trust me I know. However, know you are an amazing person and more powerful than you know. Find your strength inside to value your worth more than staying with someone that don’t know their own worth.

I never try to force or persuade women to leave, however I let them know I will support their decision and offer services to help them understand the importance of their lives and sanity.


EH411:  Sandra, we are thankful for you and for your dedication and determination to helping women get through domestic violence situations.  So often so many women stay because they believe they cannot do or have anything better than the life they have with their abuser and that is just not the truth.  Domestic violence derives from control and once women or even a man can get out from under the element of the control only then can they begin to see that the relationship is not a healthy one and can make moves to get out of it.

The EarHustle411 family applauds you for our efforts and we wish you nothing but the best of success with the Power of Faith Foundation and we look forward to getting an update about your signature event on August 13th.

SJ:  Thank you for allowing me to share my story with your viewers, I hope sharing my story with them will open more eyes to the work that we do at the Foundation.  We most definitely will keep you guys updated on the event.

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