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Earhustle411 Celebrates The 200th Anniversary Of The Star Spangled Banner

This past weekend marked the 200th Anniversary of the American National Anthem.  Earhustle411 is celebrating with the nation on this joyous anniversary.  I personally like several renditions people sing of the anthem, because it shows such dedication to their craft but there are some that are not so good but hey..at least they tried (including Rosanne Barr)!!

Check out some renditions of the Star Spangled Banner as it is sung by a few different celebs & feel free to comment on which one is your favorite!!

First up will be the famous rendition sung by Motown Artist Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All Star Game :

Second up is the spectacular rendition by Whitney Houston sung at the 1991 Superbowl


Third up is Destiny’s Child who reunited to sing their rendition for the All Star Game in Houston:


Fourth is a performance by The Late Great Aaliyah back in 1995:

Fifth is a rendition by 9-year-old Courtney Jones, stunning voice:


Sixth is the Cast of GLEE with their rendition at the World Series

Seventh is R&B Sensation Mary J Blige singing her rendition at the 2012 Kentucky Derby:

Last but not least is another R&B Sensation Jennifer Hudson with her rendition at the at Super Bowl XLIII:


Source: YouTube

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