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EarHustle411 Black Owned: Cards For All People: “Black Card Revoked” New Card Game That’s All The Craze And A Must Have

Do you remember getting together with family to play Spades, Gin Rummy, Bid Whist or even a friendly game of Monopoly? The one thing that’s missing with families these days is the joy of having good, clean fun together.  It seems that the days of “family” time or “girls night out” and just doing things together is a lost art.

On this episode of EarHustle411 Black-Owned, we are spotlighting a young lady named Latesha Williams, CEO of Cards For All People created the very unique card game called Black Card Revoked.  The game is designed to spark fun and knowledge all at the same time while having fun.  Williams had been pondering creating games for a while and the idea for Black Card Revoked came about when the Rachel Dolezal story came about and all the many Twitter hashtags that ensued.

Black Card Revoked

Photo Credit: Cards For All People

Black Card Revoked is one game that is surely to test your knowledge on all things black from life, music to entertainment. With the different varieties of black experiences, Black Card Revoked is certainly a game that all people can relate to and from what EarHustle411 and the writing staff can see with the game, a massive amount of research was put into the concept.  The are so hilarious for example:

If mama sent you to the store with $5, what are you supposed to come back with?

 A. a cold pop              B.  a lottery ticket

C.  some cigarettes   D.  her change

If we know our mommas it better be D.  her change…LOL!!

The looks like it’s a lot of fun and will being loads of laughter.  With all that’s going on in the world, laughter is a welcomed escape.

For more information and to purchase the card game go to www.cardsforallpeople.com.

One must keep up on the black culture if they don’t want their “black card revoked”LOL!! Take a look a video of how the came is played:


KUDOS to Latesha Williams of Cards For All People on her creation of Black Card Revoked you are hereby EARHUSTLE411 APPROVED!!

Ear Hustle 411 Approved Thumbs Up

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