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During Trumps Campaign, He Stated He Would Never Touch The Orb, Seems Like He’s Back Pedaling Again!

Social media have gone into a frenzy with the tweets and memes posted about President Trump touching the Orb. Twitter is on complete overload.

See what Raw Story reported:

On Sunday, a photo emerged of President Donald Trump with members of the Saudi royal family laying their hands on a glowing white orb. The sinister-looking scene was an update from Trump’s first presidential trip abroad, which some administration boosters hope will serve as a “reset” from the string of scandals, gaffes and disasters that have plagued the White House since Inauguration Day.

Twitter users marveled over the photo, joking that Alex Jones must be having the meltdown of his life seeing his favorite politician laying hands on a glowing object “in a totally non-Illuminati way.”

Others joked that we’ll now be worshipping the orb as part of the “New World Orb-er.” We at the Raw Story Oh Hell Why Not desk welcome our new round, glowing overlord. The other round, glowing overlord might well be on his way to jail.

Source: Raw Story

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