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     As you are aware by now the elder statesman of Duck Dynasty made a Biblical remark the other day that got him suspended by the A & E network. The only reason I am writing about it is because everybody in America is talking about it. Phil Robertson expressed what is being taught in all of the Bible based Churches in America, nothing more and nothing less. Let’s examine the foundation of his argument that brought on this fire storm, let’s examine the source from whence his remark originated, the Bible.




     In the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 20:13) the Lord told Moses that if a man lies with mankind as with woman kind it is an abomination, both of them have committed abomination and they shall surely be put to death: Their blood shall be upon them. Now the entire world has been looking for advanced life forms, they have shot cylinders into space with the history of the world in it, numerical messages, the Hubble telescope, Voyager and for one reason, to see if any life exists outside of Earths galaxy. The Bible records an incident in which (alien) God came down on Mount Sinai and introduced himself to Israel in the wilderness; it also informs the reader that God began to teach the Hebrews’ personal conduct. God gave Moses the Dietary law, law of Sacrifices, Feast days, Sabbath, his statutes, commandments and he forbade homosexuality. It appears that the creator, beginner, engineer (God) or God was interested in one thing. It appears that he was making sure that the species, man, would continue to exist as a species. God was teaching man how to prolong himself on the earth through the act of reproduction. There are some species of animals on the earth that can reproduce without a male being present; Chickens, Turkeys, Vipers, Cotton mouth snake, Komodo dragon and the Boa constrictor. This species, man, has been designed in such a way that he needs a woman or her eggs to reproduce. Now this modern species of man has come up with a way through artificial insemination that the sexual act is not required by a man and a woman to reproduce but the woman still needs the sperm from a man and a man still needs the eggs from a woman to procreate. This man and woman have been joined at the hip, no matter what technological advances that they make. 





     I hear a lot of people saying that the God of the old testament forbade same sex behavior and that you can’t find it anywhere in the New testament Bible. Well lets’ examine the facts. The Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, wrote in the 1st chapter of Romans (Romans 1:24-28) that the women changed the natural use of their body into that which is against nature. Verse 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman , burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which as meet. In an open letter (epistle) to the Greeks that resided at Corinth (1st Corinthians 6:9) Paul is telling them that no man that is effeminate or that abuses himself with mankind (Paul describes the act as abusing one another) shall inherit the Kingdom of God. This is where Phil Robertson got his information from, he didn’t make it up, and he was quoting Paul the Apostle. These are New Testament references to Homosexuality, Moses frowned on it in the Old Testament and Paul frowned on it in the New Testament, you have two witnesses. It is written, that by the mouth of two witnesses should every word be established. Who taught Moses to about homosexuality? It was God who came down on Mount Sinai and Paul was taught three years in the wilderness of Arabia by this same God and I can prove that but that is not why I am here today. I want to try and get a handle on this same sex phenomenon without offending anyone, I want to write this piece in the spirit of wisdom and not hate.  




     I can’t help but think that the real problem here is not the old timer Phil Robertson but the true villain in all of this mess is the Nations’ of the world. You see in the New world order, the European governments of the world are pushing the gay agenda. The Europeans have led the crusade for same sex marriage; Netherlands 2001, Belgium 2003, Spain 2005, Canada 2003, Canada 2003, Norway 2009, Sweden 2009, Portugal 2010, Iceland 2010, Argentina 2010, Denmark 2012, Brazil 2013, UK, 2014 and the United States 2010. In Africa only one nation has passed legislation to enforce same sex marriage and that nation is South Africa. In Asia and Arabia not one nation recognizes same sex marriage but in the United States 18 states recognize same sex marriage. It appears from the map that I have presented to you below that the Nations of the world have drawn a line in the sand concerning gay marriage and homosexuality. It is Asia and Africa versus the European Union!

SCRIBE 2     


     I wanted to use the map above to give you the visual imagery of what is taking place worldwide, the news media in the United States is trying to present to its citizens that the rest of the world is going along with the gay agenda and that is simply not true. There are 7.2 billion people on this planet and based on the world map illustrated above, a little over 5.4 billion (75%) people on this planet disagree with the Europeans on this gay subject. Remember this while you are reading this piece, the SCRIBE is taking no position on this matter; I am simply giving you statistics and the history behind this event.   






     In ancient Rome it was customary among the free Roman males to have a wife and a young boy as lovers. There was no such thing as a down low brother because this was a custom of the Romans, everybody accepted its nature and was okay with it. Below I have provided you with an image depicting a full grown Roman man and a little Roman boy. They called this Pedantry in ancient Rome; this must be where the word Pedophile derives from. The point that I am trying to make is that Homosexuality is a European custom handed down from their fathers and that is the reason the European community doesn’t see anything wrong with it, it is one of their customs. In the black community when a child did something wrong he got a beating with a belt or whatever his mother or father could find. This was a custom handed down from generation to generation but the Europeans never had this custom. See the image below of an ancient Roman male in sexual act with young Roman boy. The image below is a snapshot of one of the customs of the Roman people (homosexuality) of that time; it was represented in their art.  




     This is also the reason the Apostle Paul emphasized what he saw among the Romans when he was carried to Rome as a prisoner. This was the impetus behind the letter he wrote to the Romans when he emphasized that the Roman men were with men and the Roman women were with women leaving the natural use of the body, they burned one for the other. Paul the Apostle was from the land of Judah and the custom in the land of Judah was that every man should have a women. In Judah it was unacceptable for a man to engage in sexual acts with another man and it was unacceptable for women to do the same with each other. Homosexuality was not a Jewish custom; it appears that this was strictly a European custom that was handed down to them from their fathers.   




     As with the Roman custom so it was with the Greeks, they had the same exact formula for breaking in a slave boy. The Greek male would seduce a Greek boy between the ages of 12 to 20; the Greek male would have a wife and a boy lover. This custom has trickled down to the American society and it appears to have been one of their secrets. Below I have provided you with an image that came from ancient Greek that depicts Greek males in a homosexual act.







     I am not trying to condone the homosexual act among the Europeans but I am trying very hard to understand the mindset behind this act and it appears that it is simply one of their customs, just like Easter and Christmas. The Europeans gave the world Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Lent, and Communion and now they are trying to give the world the homosexual custom. These are the customs of their fathers, what else can I say on this matter without offending? Paul the Apostle made a statement one day while he was teaching in the New Testament, he said’; let every man be persuaded in his own mind’. This is a you decision, (work with me on this phrase) I have always said that when one presents wisdom to the masses he should not try to steer the mind of the people; Wisdom should point you in the direction of the truth.                                 





     The confusion on the gay topic has an answer and that answer is America, the great melting pot. America is home to people from every nation under the sun and each of these people have brought their customs from their nation to America. The so called Negro eats cornbread, collard greens, sweet potatoes, okra but where did his mother learn to eat these foods? The Negro diet was passed down to him from his fathers (From generation to generation). Every nation that came to America brought their customs with them, the Irish, Italians, European Jews, Spanish, British, Germans to name a few. Some of these immigrants have no problem with homosexuality but some do. America was set up to be the great experiment, the great melting pot but the one thing that no one could account for was this, that each ethnic group would hold on to the customs of their fathers. 





     In other pieces that I have done I showed that prior to 1960 there wasn’t one African nation admitted to the United Nations. The European Nations has taken the lead role in spreading the gay ideology among the nations of the world but Africa, Asia and Arabia refuse to participate. In 2008 it was the Dutch, French and the European Union that approached the world body with the Gay marriage agenda. I must admit that it was the Vatican that objected on the definition of gender.




 Now we have been led to believe that the entire membership of the United Nations is backing the gay movement when in fact it is the European Union (white nations) that have pushed this agenda! African, Asia and Arabia have said no! Think about this for a moment, 75% of the world (5.4 billion people) is backing Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty but you wouldn’t know it based on the American media. 





     I heard you from the other side of this computer (SMILE) it appears that some of the blacks in America have come to the conclusion that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Homosexuality is not a black custom, there was a time in the black community that you rarely saw a black homosexual and if a person was gay you never knew it. It was taught in the black household that a healthy relationship was between a man and a woman. In the Negro community being gay could leave you without a family to go home to, it is a very serious matter among black people. If you don’t believe me ask some of your black gay friends, some of their families haven’t spoken to them in years. This falls under what I phrased earlier as the customs of the different mingled people in America. The black American custom is to be a heterosexual; this ideology was handed down to him from his fathers who in turn received it from the black church. This is not a black, white thing ladies and gentlemen and contrary to what you have heard this is not a civil rights issue, this is bigger than race. This thing is bigger than the European Union or America, this controversy, this worldwide divide is of a historical nature. The decisions that the nations are making in this generation will be the tales that are spoken of by our children in the future. Abraham Lincoln was aware of this when he spoke of the captivity of 5 million Negros. Abraham said that history will not only remember us for this deed but it will require an answer. The SCRIBE has come to the same conclusion that Abraham Lincoln did and that is that the things done in this present generation will require an answer in the future. There is one thing that I have learned in my short pilgrimage on this planet and that is we all will have to give an account on how we lived in our present tabernacles.  In the book of Judges (Judges 17:6) it was written that “, when there was no King in the land every man did that which was right in his own eyes”. That is what you are seeing right now on the earth, every nation under the sun is doing what is right in his own eyes. The SCRIBE has come to the end of his scribal (very difficult piece) and I have tried very hard not to slant to either side of this great divide among the nations. Pleasure is good but wisdom is better. Love…..the Scribe!


If you need a good X-mas present for someone who loves history I suggest you purchase; the Negro question part 2 the African slave ships that came from Judah, you can find the link below. 




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