Drama: Nene Leakes Fears Marlo Hampton Will Replace Her on RHOA

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LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Nene and Marlo’s RHOA feud grows next week on Bravo. But the NeNe Leakes Marlo Hampton feud is far deeper today than when filming occurred months earlier. And now is NeNe Leakes set to be replaced by Marlo Hampton in a new revamped cast for 2014-15? LALATE can report that Leakes is set to battle shocking allegations in the upcoming RHOA reunion.

NeNe Leakes told Cynthia Bailey on RHOA that Kenya Moore was “going around town” telling people that Marlo is now Kenya’s friend. But next week, the trouble gets worse. Photos of next week’s episode surfaced online several weeks ago courtesy of FreddyO.com. The photos with a report claimed that NeNe and Marlo got into a big fight on camera while filming next week’s episode, that NeNe walks off the set, once again, at that Marlo Hampton is on Team Twirl (Kenya Moore), not Team Rich (NeNe Leakes).

On this evening’s episode, NeNe Leakes walked out of filming. On next week’s episode, Leakes walked out of filming a second time. And the season is not over.

There have been unconfirmed reports online of alleged tensions between Leakes towards production over Bravo’s use of Kenya during filming. This season, Leakes tells viewers that she is unhappy when people show up late to filming. She did the same when Kenya was tardy for the Pillow Talk.

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One report claims that there is more to that. Leakes allegedly told production during Pillow Talk that Kenya and producers plotted for Moore to arrive late on purpose, something that didn’t happen, and that such a later entrance by Kenya would make her, according to Leakes, appear more the star of the show.

Marlo Hampton’s role in the show this season appears to have derailed efforts by Leakes to keep cast members’ storylines in check. Leakes and Cythnia Bailey brought on Christopher Williams to RHOA go after Kenya Moore and Chuck Smith to go after Parks and Burruss. But Hampton, who appeared in Leakes’ spinoff, next week moves her allegiance away from Leakes and closer to Moore. And the future of the current cast is uncertain. Is NeNe quitting RHOA, is Kenya leaving RHOA, and what happened to Marlo?

LALATE has exclusively reported that Moore is likely to seek the same contractual deal that Leakes gets from Bravo in contract negotiations occurring this month. Leakes is likely not to allow such a move by Kenya. NeNe has been ramping up her producing arm ironically at the same time with new programming outside RHOA.

A recent report by MediaTakeOut claimed that Leakes allegedly told Bravo to not rehire Moore for another season, that Bravo refused, and that Bravo allegedly told Leakes that, if she gives an ultimatum, then Moore and Hampton would return to show. It remains unclear if those MediaTakeOut allegations are true.

But LALATE has previously exclusively reported that Moore is set to detail her allegations that Leakes allegedly tried to “sabotage” Moore’s role on the show. Moore is set to detail her claims in the upcoming reunion. Moore, Leakes, and Hampton have reportedly not signed on for a new season yet.


Source: news.lalate.com

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