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Dr. Phil Breaks Down Breaks Down The Baltimore Children Plight

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Talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw gave Brian Kilmeade a lesson in income inequality on Tuesday after the Fox News host asserted that inner city children enjoyed the same opportunities as his kids.

Following Monday’s riots in Baltimore, Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked McGraw if he had a message for the people who took to the street after the death of Freddie Gray.

“You’ve got to separate this out,” McGraw explained. “You can’t have a generality because I promise you — and I’ve interviewed and talked to people about this in the past — some of them can’t tell you why they’re out there.”

“They’re just blanket, ‘We’re supposed to be angry.’ And then you’ve got people who are saying, ‘Hey, it’s a chance to get free stuff.’ They will do that, and they don’t really understand what’s going on.”

But McGraw added that there were also people who were “legitimately upset.”

“They understand that there has been a breakdown of the system, they understand that there is an abuse of power here, they understand that there has been a miscarriage of justice and they are angrily upset and protesting,” the celebrity doctor noted. “There’s all kinds of people out there.”

Kilmeade asserted that it was time for people to stop “uprising” and instead take advantage of the same opportunities that his children had.

“This is like the fourth major inner city uprising, and we keep saying where’s the character, where are the parents, where’s the opportunity, where are the role models?” Kilmeade declared. “How long are we going to keep saying, ‘Where are they and what can be done to change this?’ Because those kids have the same potential as your kids and our kids.”

“I’m not sure that’s true,” McGraw replied. “They may have the same potential, but I’m not sure they have the same opportunities because the fact is the school system is not necessarily the same, the resources are not necessarily the same, the leadership that they have from the parents because of the generational pass-throughs are not the same. There’s no question that they have a steep hill and a tough row to hoe.”

But he also agreed that people were not solving problems by rioting.

“How much better would this be if they did what the 300 Men March was trying to be, show solidarity in a peaceful way, and say, ‘We are not moving until people pay attention to this,’” McGraw remarked. “Instead of showing what is easily criticized and put down.”

Watch the video below from Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast April 20, 2015.


Source: Raw Story

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