Dr. Oz Saved A Woman’s Life Who Passed Out In Florida Mall

Dr. Oz Saved A Woman's Life Who Passed Out In Florida Mall

Dr. Oz leapt into action and attended to a woman who had collapsed while he was giving a talk at a Jacksonville, Florida mall on Thursday. While speaking, he was interrupted by people in a balcony above the crowd screaming, “We need a doctor, we need a doctor.” Dr. Oz quickly jumped over a small wall and railing onto a flight of stairs, and ran to the ailing woman. The TV host stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived on the scene. See the video below.

According to a local news station, Dr. Oz was giving a talk as part of his “The Good Life” self-help promotional tour when the incident occurred. The woman later “woke up and was responding” following Dr. Oz’s quick medical attention, reports WJXT.

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As Gossip Cop has previously reported, this isn’t the first time the television personality has assisted in a spontaneous medical emergency. He also helped emergency responders during an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike earlier this month. And in 2013, Dr. Oz and another person rescued a young British tourist whose foot had been severed by taxi cab in midtown New York.

Check out the video below of the news report about Dr. Oz assisting the woman at a Jacksonville mall.


Source: GossipCop

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