Dr. Charles G Hayes Makes His Transition To The Heavenly Kingdom

It is with a very heavy heart to post that Chicago’s beloved Dr. Charles G Hayes has passed on to glory.  The Chicago community has lost a true icon in this man, may his liveliness, upbeat spirit and his faithfulness to God, Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer and all those who loved him live on forever in their hearts.  Thank you for your service to God’s people!!!


Pastor Charles George Hayes, the third child and second son of  Mamie Lee and Will Hayes, was born December 10, 1937, in Verbena, Alabama.  He received his primary education at Siluria Jr. High School (Alabama)  and his secondary education at Prentice High School (Montevallo, Alabama).  He migrated to Chicago, Illinois in 1955 and became a Church Musician. 

Pastor Hayes was ordained in the Ministry on August 31, 1957. He organized Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer on April 28, 1959.  Pastor Hayes was under the leadership of many great pioneers such as Prophet L. K. Johnson, Pastor Clarence Cobbs, Bishop Louis Boddie, Bishop Anderson, Pastor Franklin, and others.

Father of two, and grandfather, Pastor Hayes became affectionately known as “Father Hayes” because of his paternal qualities, his compassion, his concern for, and interest in people. 

Dr. Hayes received his Doctorate Degree from Religious Science Institute in December 1973 and received an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters from St. Martins College and Seminary, September, 1974. 

Dr. Hayes was currently one of the longest-serving Pastors of one church in Chicago for going on 55 years come April 2014. Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer has been listed as a landmark church in the Chicago Area. 

Dr. Hayes was very passionate with his ministry, not compromising with the devil and is known for speaking the truth – declaring the word of God. He was very involved with every aspect of the church for he put his all into this ministry. He was rooted and grounded in “traditional” gospel and you could catch him singing, preaching, teaching and praying on any given Sunday,  adding his humorous touch but still telling it like it is.  

Dr. Hayes was known for ‘Making A Joyful Noise”, leading such hits as He’s Keeping Me, I’ll Never Forget, I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me, Before I Take It Back, Everything’s Alright, How I Got Over, My Lord and Master, and many, many more. 

Change Your Attitude and Your Thinking, 

And You’ll Change Your Whole Life Dr. Charles G. Hayes


“Jesus Will Work It Out”

Honors and Awards

Key to City of Newark, New Jersey July, 1974

Meritorious Service Ecumenical Rapport, Chicago, Illinois September, 1974

Commendation and Proclamation, “Dr. Charles G. Hayes 

Day” – Board of Commissioners, Fulton County, Georgia June, 1981

Honorary Citizen, Atlanta, Georgia June, 1981

Mayor’s Award for Dedicated Service, Atlanta, Georgia June, 1981

Key to City of Houston, Texas November, 1982

Outstanding Minister Award, Chicago, Illinois April, 1983 

Key to City of Dallas, Texas July, 1983

Recognition for 25 Years of Service as Pastor, Chicago, Illinois April, 1984

Recognition for Devoted Service, Chicago, Illinois March, 1985

Recognition for Workmanship of Team Efforts, Chicago, Illinois August, 1985

First Recipient of Minister’s Achievement Award, Chicago, IL November, 1985

Gospel Music Workshop Award of Excellence November, 1985

Gospel Music Workshop Outstanding Contemporary Choir November, 1985

Certificate of Appreciation, Chicago, Illinois November, 1986

Recognition for Inspiration, Chicago. Illinois June, 1987

Proclamation, “Dr. Charles G. Hayes Day”, Louisville, Kentucky August, 1987

Annual Minister’s Conference, Phoenix, Arizona February, 1988

Key to City of Little Rock, Arkansas April, 1988

Mayor’s Congratulations for 32 Years Service in the Ministry,Chicago August,1989

 Recognition for 32 Years Service in the Ministry, Chicago, IL August, 1989

Outstanding Leadership, Chicago, Illinois August, 1989

Recognition for Original Pre-Memorial Day Midnight Musical, Chicago      May, 1990

Key to City of Little Rock, Arkansas June, 1990

Recognition for Service for 32 Years as Pastor  April, 1991

Source: www.cosmopolitancop.com

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