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Dozens Of Congress Staffers “Walk Out” On The Job In Protest

The following photos mark a show of solidarity that we here at EarHustle411 can truly appreciate.  Several dozen of congressional staffers walked out on the job on Thursday December 11, 2014 as part of their frustration with the grand jury decisions in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Check out their peaceful and powerful protest:

congress walk out


B4mh66KIAAE6s7eWe believe that this type of stand should really send the message to those in “power” on the Hill that society will not keep lying down and keep allowing the system that is supposed to be “fair” to continue to “overkill” its American citizens.

Law enforcement are supposed to serve and protect and it seems the very uniform they wear has been used far too many times on far too many occasions to legally kill.  African-Americans has experienced this fate on numerous occasions and unfortunately this “legalized” behavior is spilling over into all communities.

Kudos to the Congressional Staff for standing up in protest!!

Source: (Photos) CNN, Twitter

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