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Over A Dozen Kids Sent To Hospital After Beverage From A Chicago Restaurant Makes Them Sick

kids drink at home run inn

No trace of alcohol was found in 13 children transported to hospitals Tuesday night after a waitress at a South Side pizzeria served alcohol to their table by mistake, police said, but it’s unclear what tests were done to determine that.

Police will not be investigating further the incident that happened about 9:40 p.m. Tuesday at Home Run Inn in the Little Village, police sources  said, because it was an accident and the waitress admitted to the mistake.

Staff at the restaurant referred all comments Wednesday to Daniel Costello, the President of the Home Run Inn Restaurant Group, based in Southwest suburban Woodridge. Costello said in a statement “we are currently working with staff to conduct an internal investigation to discern the facts of what occurred.”

One parent who was part of the birthday party at the restaurant Tuesday night said she’s still disturbed by what happened.

Neyante Eggleston, 29, said her 6-year-old son had been drinking from  cup that was believed to be fruit punch, which the whole table had ordered.

While he was not among the children taken to a hospital, Eggleston said the boy was not feeling well this morning and stayed home from kindergarten. She said she was not sure what drink was actually in the cup, but that she could smell alcohol in it.

Eggleston said she say many of the children at the party, mostly under 10 years old, drinking from the cups before waitresses and bus boys started picking the cups they had served back up.

Before the incident occurred, Eggleston said had been talking to the waitress and found out she was new to the job.

“We all make mistakes it’s just all about how you correct that,” Eggleston said, adding she was unsure whether any of the parents had filed police reports about the incident.

Source: Chicago Tribune


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