Don Lemon Makes Inappropriate Sexual Comments Towards Kathy Griffin On Live TV He; Tells Her She Has A Nice Rack

Don Lemon Makes Inapprpriate Sexual Comments Towards Kathy Griffin On Live TV He Tells Her She Has A Nice Rack

Don Lemon always has a lot to say and now he may have literally put his foot in his mouth.  Lately the Bill Cosby alleged sexual misconduct allegations has taken over main stream media in which Don Lemon always has a lot to say about being respectful and treating women right.

It’s always those clean shaven quiet ones that you have to keep an eye on.  Here he is the pot calling the kettle black.  He totally disrespect Kathy Griffin on live TV basically telling her she has a nice ass and he never realized she had such a nice one all while talking about he has his balls around his neck.

Shame on you Don Lemon!

See what the NYdaily News reported:

Don Lemon’s behavior Thursday night left a sour taste in viewers’ mouths during a live airing of the New Year’s Eve ball drop after he made a sexual remark to Kathy Griffin, dove into a hot tub and gobbled crawfish by the handful.

The CNN anchor — who appeared to sip from various glasses all night — raised eyebrows during the “CNN New Year’s Eve” countdown special and even drew speculation among viewers that he may have had one too many drinks.

“I have to say Kathy… I have to say… nice rack,” Lemon told Griffin after the comic took off her coat, revealing a purple bra. “I didn’t know you had all of that.” Lemon’s co-anchoring host Brooke Baldwin tried to take his microphone away and Griffin smoothed the awkward moment over by thanking him.

The anchor’s antics filmed at Tipitina’s in New Orleans, also featured an overindulgence of Cajun cuisine.

“I ate a ton of crawfish. 6 pack over,” Lemon tweeted during the broadcast.

Things really went wild when Lemon was coaxed into a hot tub. The brazen move made Lemon a hit on Twitter and the decided punchline of the night.

Lemon returned to Twitter on New Year’s Day where he was met with a slew of hangover joke from viewers.

Source: NYdailynews

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