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DL Hughley Goes In On Black Women Ridiculing Gabby Douglas’ Hair [Video]

DL Hughley

DL Hughley is known for not holding his tongue on any issue.  He weighed in on the controversy and the blatant disrespect being thrown at Gabby Douglas regarding her hair and most of these negative comments are coming from black women.  These women are doing big things in the world of Gymnastics and all that can be discussed is what their hair looks like.  Hughley says in his commentary From The GED Section “if you (meaning black women) don’t like they way they look, then you don’t like they way you look”.  C’mon DL…what you say!!

One really has to think about what’s the obsession with this subject.  Where’s is the support for the accomplishments the ladies have achieved, who cares what their hair looks like while they are doing their job?  Now not all black women are bashing Gabby’s appearance and truthfully speaking, those who are criticizing Gabby’s appearance are probably the very one’s who spends hundreds of dollars (that they cannot afford) trying to make themselves look like something they are not or are looking like they just stepped out of Vogue but their children are looking like they don’t have a home.  Don’t act like you’ve never witnessed it!!

Give these ladies the respect they deserve and people need to not be so shallow because the very people whom we ridicule just may be the one to come our aid.

Just something for people to think about while staring in the mirror…exactly what is it that YOU see??

Take a look at DL Hughley’s commentary below:

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