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DJ Young Ike Diddy From Memphis Charged With Rape; Told Victim To “Carve” His Name Into Her Skin…WTHeck!!

A Memphis promoter and DJ is sitting in jail, charged with raping his ex-girlfriend and telling her to carve his name into her skin.

Kenneth Hall is charged with aggravated rape, aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Police say he attacked the woman on Friday, his birthday, but they just arrested him.

Hall also goes by the name Young Ike Diddy.

He works with EDG Street Productions and performed for his own birthday bash at a club the night before the attack.

He is already well-known, but now he is getting a different type of attention.

Hall’s neighbors in University Crossing apartments were horrified to hear he is accused of kidnapping, raping and beating his ex-girlfriend, even telling her to carve his name on her.

“That’s immoral,” one neighbor said. “That’s inhumane! For someone to even think that you would carve your name into someone.”

Police say Hall asked his ex to come over to his apartment on Southern to talk.

When she got there, they say he forced her into a closet, choked her and beat her with a belt and his fists.

Then, they say he handed her a box cutter and told her to carve his name into her skin.

“It is scary, because it happened above me, and I didn’t know,” one neighbor, Sherelle Humphrey said. “I thank God I wasn’t here, because I don’t know what could have happened.”

The woman also told police Hall raped her.

She was able to escape once he fell asleep.

“I’m glad he’s arrested,” Humphrey said. “It could have ended in death. She could have lost her life.”

The day of the attack, Friday, was Hall’s birthday.

The next morning, he posted an article called, “6 Signs Your Man is Still In Love With His Ex,” to Facebook.

Number four on that list reads, “Hates her for the heartache she caused him.”

Hall is being held on an $80,000 bond.

Source: WREG

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