Divorced Couple Partners Together To Create Greeting Card Line For Exs

Ken and Wanda Bass

Photo Credit: Ken and Wanda Bass

Ken and Wanda Bass were married for fifteen years before they divorced in 2002.

While any failed marriage is sad, the couple believes that a failed marriage does not have to be the end of family relations and good communication between co-parents. In fact, Ken and Wanda are now the creators of something new called Xcards, a holiday card line for exes that need healthy change, forgiveness and restoration in their

In an interview, Wanda explained that “co-parenting may not require friendship right away but it does require cooperation in order for your children to grow up in a socially healthy environment.” Both Ken and Wanda had a similar problem when neither of them could to find sufficient cards to send each other for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or even simply find a card that spoke appropriate words towards some kind of reconciliation.

That’s when they came up with the idea for Xcards. The parents of two sons, who are both thrilled about what their parents are doing together, Wanda and Ken said that before they came up with Xcards, they would typically end up arguing whenever they were communicating after their divorce. Now, Wanda said, “Our sons are just as excited as we are about the positive impact Xcards can have on families.” She then added, “Attitude really is everything. The amount of time spent fighting as parents is counterproductive. Instead, try engaging.”


Photo Credit: Xcards

At the end of the day, the couple has said that their greeting cards that range from birthday to Christmas to most other holidays have received a wide amount of positive reviews from other divorcees looking for answers. Lastly, the couple argues that for $2.75, you can make your kids happier than ever.

Check out their website Xcards

Source: The Grio

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