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Disturbing Photo Of A Man Pointing A Gun In A High school & He Is Not A Student

Disturbing Photo Of A Man Pointing A Gun In A High school & He Is Not A Student

Photo Credit- Facebook user Ldg Nunu

The person featured in a disturbing photo reported to have been taken at Melrose High School is not a student and snuck in after hours after a door was partially left open, according to Shelby County Schools.

The photo of a man pointing a gun at a camera surfaced Wednesday. In the photo, the man has his arm around a woman with a wad of cash blocking her face. The girl in the photo is a Melrose student. Police believe the man was trying to visit with a teen at the school.

However, the photo has many parents concerned.

“My children is my number one concern. I go to work. I send them to school figuring that they are protected inside this building and if they are not, I need to…I guess find some other options,” father Micheal Ramsey said.

Another mother, who did not want her identity released for her son’s safety, said crime and violence are corrupting her ninth grader, as well as the public school system.

“It’s making me feel like our children is not safe in school anymore. The streets or nowhere. They not. And, you try as a parent to do everything for them, but I can tell mines everything at home but when he gets in the street he’s still going to have to face the kids and they mom and parents aren’t telling them everything,” the mother said.

A representative from Shelby County Schools said the man will face criminal charges once he is identified.

“This is certainly a very disturbing picture and this type of behavior will not be tolerated in our schools,” she added.

Memphis Police Department said no charges have been filed against the man yet.

Currently, walk-through metal detectors are used regularly at Melrose High and the school has a full-time security officer. Some parents said they want administrators to be more proactive with students’ safety going forward.

“It’s, man, they need first off, they need detectors and they need to use them for everyone– not just students, not just the kids. They need to use them for everyone that walks inside this building because at the end of the day, it’s the children who’s going to wind up getting hurt,” Ramsey said.


Soource:  MSnewsnow

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