District Attorney Has Decided Vandalism Charges Will Be Filed Against Justin Bieber Today



Earlier this year Justin Bieber went completely Ham by recklessly destroying the Venetian Paint on his neighbors house causing $20,000 in damages where he totally egged their home.  Unfortunately in California this is a serious crime.  Bieber recently had a string of video’s that were brought to the public’s attention where he is hurling racial epithet while singing “One Less Lonely Ni@@er” as spoof off of his original song “One Less Loney Girl” which has caused a bit of controversy.  Here is what TMZ is now reporting.

Justin Bieber will be charged with criminal vandalism Monday in connection with the egging case … sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

We do not know if Bieber will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. TMZ broke the story … the prosecutor who investigated the case told the victim, “If this isn’t a felony, nothing is.” The neighbor has estimates showing $20K in damages from the egging. The case was sent to the top honchos in the D.A.’s office for a final decision.


The charge comes on the heels of the D.A.’s decision not to charge Bieber in an alleged incident last month at a batting cage … where a woman claimed he verbally abused her and grabbed her cell phone. The D.A.’s investigation turned up no evidence to support the woman’s claim. The L.A. City Attorney is reviewing the matter, but it will almost certainly go nowhere.

There’s plenty of evidence Bieber did the egging. TMZ posted video shot by the victim at the time of the January attack, and although it’s dark you clearly hear the Biebs. And Bieber’s own surveillance video — seized in a now-famous raid — shows he was front and center during the egging.

Source: http://www.tmz.com





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