Disney Star Ross Lynch To Play Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Disney Star Ross Lynch To Play Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Even serial killers were kids once. That’s the subject of Derf Backderf’s graphic novel My Friend Dahmer — a young Beckderf was high school buddies with the budding serial killer known to classmates as “Jeff.”

It’s a fascinating look at the origins of one of the 20th century’s most infamous serial killers, and the casting for young Jeff may be unexpected, but the similarity is eerie.

You may be familiar with Disney star of Teen Beach and R5, Ross Lynch, who will be taking on the darkest role of his life for My Friend Dahmer.

It’s pretty uncanny how similar they look… #myfrienddahmer #rosslynch

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As many fans have pointed out, once you strip away the wholesome Disney accoutrements, the resemblance is surprisingly strong (Dahmer is on the left).

Disney stars taking on darker material seems to be a thing right now: Lynch’s Teen Beach co-star Garrett Clayton recently played gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart in James Franco’s explicit new real life porno-murder movie King Cobra.

Nice guys have played Dahmer on screen before — check out The Avengers’s Jeremy Renner in the titular role for 2002’s Dahmer.
If My Friend Dahmer works as well as a movie as it does a graphic novel, we’re in for a deliciously dark and compelling ride.


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