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Disney Employee Caught On Video Fighting Off Alligator Near Splash Mountain

This last week as tragic as it was with the death of the toddler snatched by an alligator at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, a video has surfaced showing an employee fighting and alligator trying to come on land at the Splash Mountain exhibit at the Florida property.  The Disney Corporation is well aware of the presence of alligators around the property ad according to reports they have been advised to put fences to ensure the safety of the guests.   Since the horrible death the the toddler, Disney is going to be under scrutiny and a microscope for a good long while.  All the people need to see is an alligator or any other dangerous creature walking amongst the people in more of the commonly trafficked areas.  People just may not take the chance of going to Disney World at least not the Florida location.  It may be more beneficial as well as “cheaper” to erect tall fences in areas of the Disney property where an alligator may be present.

splash mountain

photo credit: video screenshot

The video according to what we see is roughly about 6 years old, so apparently Disney may not be entirely concerned with the issue of the alligators because they are still lurking around the property.  EarHustle411 came across another video where Disney World had an attraction called River Country opened in the past and as the park evolved the attraction was abandoned never to be used again.  It’s being said that the defunct attraction could be a haven for alligators.  River Country is still erected as it was when it opened except it’s riddled with overgrown greenery.

Check out the videos below:

Should the Disney Corporation make extreme changes to protect the guests from the dangers of local wildlife?  We’d like to know what your thoughts are about this continuing story.

Source: Inside Edition [ Videos]



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