Did You Know There Was A Black Santa At Macy’s Hidden In A Secret Room Referred To As Alternate Santa?

Did You Know That Macy's In New York Hides Their Black Santa In A Secret Room Which The Refer To As Alternate Santa?

Did you know there was a secret code word to be used when requesting to see Black Santa at Macy’s in New York?  Santa’s race became the focal point of a debate sparked by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s comments that “Santa just is white.” back in 2013.

She started an uprorar with angry tweets with people calling her stupid, racist and all sorts of degrading words.

However Popular Department store Macy’s has a black Santa but he can’t be seen openly in the public unless you ask to see him using a secret code. Apparantly you have to ask an elf in the Maze to see special Santa.

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