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Did You Know That Bayer Admited To Giving Kids Aids With Aids Tainted Drugs?

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Bayer Corporation was labeled the rat of the week because they knowingly distributed a medicine called Factorade which was infected with he AIDS virus  This medication is used to control and prevent bleeding episodes in people with low levels of factor VIII (hemophilia A).

It is also used in these patients before surgery to prevent bleeding. People with low factor VIII levels are at risk for bleeding longer after an injury/surgery and for bleeding inside the body (especially into the joints and muscles). This product contains human factor VIII, also called antihemophilic factor. This product is used to temporarily replace the missing factor VIII, a protein (clotting factor) that is normally in the blood, so that the blood can clot and the bleeding can stop.

Bayer  & the FDA knew the medicine was infected and in order to make a profit that they couldn’t make in America they dumped it off in the overseas market in Spain, Japan and France in which those overseas who allowed it to happen had to go to prison but not one corporate official in America spent one day in jail.


Check out video below:




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