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Detroit Woman Killed For Refusing A Man’s Advances

mary spears killed

Investigators say 27-year-old Mary Spears was gunned down simply because she rejected a man’s advances inside a hall on Detroit’s east side.

Detroit police arrived at the hall early Sunday morning. They found Spears had been shot and killed. Five other people — men and women — had been shot, too. They all were attending the same event Saturday night.

Police say Spears was approached by a 38-year-old man who tried to talk with her. However, she wasn’t interested. Security escorted the man out of the club. He apparently got into a fight outside and that’s when he allegedly pulled out his gun and opened fire.

Spears was one of the first people shot. She was shot in the head. The others all were shot in the leg or hip. They are expected to recover from their injuries. Two victims remain hospitalized while the others were treated and released. All of them have been cooperating with police.

Meanwhile, the Spears family is left mourning and devastated by the loss and the circumstances of this senseless crime.


Source: WDIV 4

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