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Despite Protests VH1 Say Sorority Sisters Stays!!

sorority sisters

Despite angry boycott hashtags, petitions, tweets, instagrams memes, dissension from the Black Greek community and pleas to pressure sponsors to pull ads, nothing worked. #byefelicia  is petty much what the Vh1 network said to all the naysayers!  I had to translate their response into Ebonics for all the social media haters with failed attempts to get the new VH1 reality show “Sorority Sisters” off the air. Basically the show will remain airing tonight as scheduled simply because people are watching. 1.3 million viewers on opening night is not bad for a show that nobody was expecting to surface up and debut strong on a Monday night. The professional response by the Vh1 Network through the spokesperson went as follows:

“There are currently no plans to change the series and it seems to be connecting with its audience. Due to the confidential nature of our agreements with our advertising partners, we never speak to specifics about clients and their media plans…But we do enjoy successful, long-term partnerships with our advertisers and are happy to honor any requests to move spots to other parts of our schedule.”

So despite the tweets from Honda and Carmex announcing that they would not advertise during the time slot. This could be a case of a“play on words” as we’re sure there was some very lengthy paperwork securing their length of their business term together.

Meanwhile, down the hall at the water cooler there has been alleged talk by the superiors of the Delta Sigma Theta organization that all Sorority sisters involved with the show are currently under investigation for expulsion from the sorority. The girls have allegedly been asked not to wear any of their Delta Sigma Theta paraphernalia until the show has been further investigated. Does this mean higher numbers for the 2nd debut? Nielson numbers will soon reveal.

Source: Sister2Sister

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