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Depression Is A Silent Killer, Hear About One Woman’s Story How She Let Herself Go For 6 Months & How A Hair Stylist Changed Her Life

Depression Is A Silent Killer, Hear One Woman's Story How She Let Herself Go For 6 Months & How A Hair Stylist Changed Her Life

Ear Hustle 411 found a story that we felt compelled to share with our readers only because there are Millions of Americans and people around the world that are suffering from depression.

Although that friend, Co-Worker, Family member or neighbor may look perfectly fine on the outside, they are silently suffering from within.

So many people of all ages suffer from depression due to loss of job, divorce, weight gain, mental and physical abuse, school, bullying and work to name a few.

If you notice any changes in a loved one or associate that you think may be suffering in silence, reach out to them and give them a kind word.

See what was reported by Life Aspire:

Depression is something that over 350 million people around the world suffer from every single day. Lethargy, intrusive negative thoughts, irritability and loss of interest are all common symptoms of depression – and they make living a normal life nearly impossible!

So when one woman approached Kate Langman, a stylist at Ulta Salon, hoping she would be able to pull her out of a six-month depressive slump, things took an interesting turn…

Kate shared the process of getting the woman into the salon chair and comfortable with fixing her knotted, dirty hair with the Love What Matters Facebook page. It’s easy to understand why Kate’s story has gone totally viral!

“I work at The Salon inside Ulta Beauty.

About a month ago, I saw this woman pulling every product off the ‘All Soft’ Redken line. When I asked her if she needed any help, she began to tell me her story.

A very long story short, this women suffered with deep depression. She couldn’t get out of her bed for 6 months. Which meant she didn’t wash her hair or brush it. She kept pulling it back into this bun, which, after that long of time, turned into a huge dread lock.

The bun was so matted that it felt like she literally had rocks on the back of her head. This is when I mentioned to just put all the product back on the shelf.

We made an appointment for the following day and she didn’t show up.”

She then called about two weeks later and booked another appointment. And once again, no showed. At this point, I figured she wasn’t going to ever end up coming in. It actually, kind of, broke my heart. I wanted to help her so much.

So today, out of all days, she comes walking in and asked if she can get her hair done today and that she finally got herself out of bed again.

I, of course, said yes.

I didn’t care how late I stayed, I wanted to make sure she got taken care of. She wanted to keep it on the longer side if it was at all possible. Most of the time the advice is to just cut it off….

But I wanted to make this work for her. I wanted her to know how hard I was going to try to make her feel great again. I explained to her prices and she said ‘I don’t care about the price, I just want to look like myself again.’

I spent 8 1/2 hours with this girl. 4 1/2 hours of combing, and 3 hours coloring and 1/2 hour for the cut. All of this time, I’m just telling myself to keep going… that this is going to be all so worth it.

By the end of this service, I could see the sparkle in her eyes and I could see her cheeks get rosy pink from the excitement of not only being able to run her fingers through her hair again, but she felt herself again. I changed someone’s life today and I’ll never ever forget it.

And if this ever makes its way back to her, I want her to know how great, wonderful, kind, loving, and how strong of a person she is. And not only those things, but how beautiful she is… She deserves nothing but happiness and I’m so thankful and so grateful I got to help with her first step.”

Although it took a ton of effort and patience, Kate was determined to help this woman get back to who she once was! The end result was more than enough to make her shy client feel fabulous!


Source: Life aspire

Written By: by Cailyn Finkel

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